What kind of movies I like and what movies I don’t like.

I like all type of movies. I really like action packed movies where a lot of action is happening at once. I also like suspense and stressful movies because movies like that make me want to just stay in my seat and want to continue watching the movie to see what happens next. I really don’t like movies that don’t really make sense because after I watch the movie I just felt as if I wasted my time watching that when I could have been doing something else.

End Game

This was one of the most action-packed movies I probably saw in my life. I think the most action there was in the last scene when two armies fight to get the infinity gauntlet that held the stones. So many people were fighting at once to get to the gauntlet. There was chaos happening because once someone got hold of the gauntlet like about 100 people went after you.

Thor the First Movie

I really hated this movie. To make a long story short the movie started off with storytelling that Odin Thor’s father went on a quest to take the source of the Frost Giants power source so that they would not terrorize innocent people anymore. He even lost an eye trying to fight the Frost Giant’s Leader to get the source. Odin almost died fighting the Frost Giant’s Leader. Later on in the story, Loki Odin’s son kills the Frost Giant’s leader not even trying. He managed to kill him without even getting a single drop of blood. That does not make sense at all because his father almost died fighting him but Loki killed him not even trying.

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is a movie series. This is my favorite spy movie. There is a lot of action and fighting. There are really intense parts like car chases and when the main character is fighting when he is injured.

The Meg

This is another movie that I really did not like because it talks about how there is a megalodon that is killing everyone. So some people set out to kill this shark. They catch a megalodon but then all of a sudden another megalodon comes out of now where and eats the megalodon that the humans caught. It is really confusing because the movie was not very specific if there were two megalodons or one.


This is movie is a great movie. There is a lot of action of fighting moments. Also, there are some tense moments where there are some life or death situations.